T  E  R  R  A
emanuel dimas de melo pimenta

cello audrey riley

world première

all thanks to my dear friend
RIP Hayman
De Montfort University
Trinity Chapel
2017 . June 14 . 4:30 pm
Leicester . England

TERRA is a long violoncello solo dedicated to Audrey Riley. It was composed in 2016. Structured in three movements, the piece was elaborated with elements of planet Earth. We all are Gaia. From the subaquatic design to human traces - everything is Earth, or Terra. It particularly is a difficulty piece because it requires a lot of energy, concentration and creativity of the cellist. Audrey Riley is one of the most marvelous musicians I met in my life. This is the third piece I dedicated to her. I hope - especially regarding our planet now - this music could be performed everywhere. In many senses, it is an invitation and a challenge to the musician and the audience.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta

Locarno | 2016-2017                               

Audrey Riley, photo by Emanuel Pimenta, 2007. Walden Zero Collection


Homo Sapiens might
not only be the agent of
the sixth extinction,
but also risks being
one of its victms.

Richard Leake
emanuel pimenta
audrey riley

De Montfort University
ASA Art and Technology

TERRA's Operating Manual
background photo NASA