orbital building
emanuel dimas de melo pimenta

H O L O T O P I A   A C A D E M Y
Punta Campanella . Amalfi Coast . Italy
curated by Emanuel Pimenta
September 10 . 2011

S T R E A M I N G    M U S E U M
New York City
founder / creative director, Nina Colosi
in Cyberspace and Public Space on 7 Continents

CASA DAS ROSAS  -  USP Universidade de São Paulo
São Paulo . Brazil
debates and lecture curated by Artur Matuck
October 28, 2011

Lisbon . Portugal
 . curated by Leonel Moura
October 27, 2011

to Marianela Mirpuri and Arlindo Marvão




many thanks to Alberto del Genio, Nina Colosi and Leonel Moura

in memory of John Cage, René Berger, Joseph Beuys, Hans Joachim Koellreutter, Richard Buckminster Fuller, Marshall McLuhan and John Archibald Wheeler - seven magical doors to a new universe

celebrating 50 years of Yuri Gagarin in space

KAIROS is an orbital building, a privileged observatory of Earth, open to civil society, recalling the ancient Sumerian concept of 'deep time', projecting a complex of human values in a large-scale spectrum. KAIROS is a conceptual work that merges architecture design and art project in a same corpus – a crossing point between aesthetics, function and technology. Being an architectural design, it presents structural developments in terms of function and technological challenges. As a visual artwork, it crosses all fields of environments and functions, projecting unexpected images that are, at the same time, abstract and figurative, linear and non-linear. As an artwork it questions and criticizes the concept of contemporary art and culture in general. In few words, Kairos is a design for an orbital building.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta

The first exhibition of KAIROS will happen in September 10, 2011, at a legendary place in the Amalfi Coast, in Italy: the Holotopia Academy at Punta Campanella - place described by Homer in his Odyssey where Ulysses met the sirens. An orbital space building launched at the place where Ulysses lived one of the key moments of his amazing Odyssey. The artworks will become part of permanent collection of the ancient 17th century tower of the place, transformed into a contemporary art museum by the scientist and art lover Alberto del Genio, also founder of the Holotopia Academy - an informal entity devoted to music, art and philosophy. Practically simultaneously, KAIROS will be launched in September 2011 at the Streaming Museum, curated by Nina Colosi in New York City, beginning a year-long tour through its global network of screens in public spaces, and can also be viewed at streamingmuseum.org. Created by Nina Colosi, the Streaming Museum is one of the most fabulous contemporary art projects of the 21st century. In October 27, 2011, KAIROS will have an exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal, at the Robotarium contemporary art center - created and directed by the robotic artist Leonel Moura, who curates that exhibition. In October 28 there will be be a debate and virtual lecture (in Portuguese) curated by the hypermedia artist Artur Matuck, at Casa das Rosas and USP Universidade de São Paulo, in São Paulo, Brazil. In November of 2011, it will be launched the book KAIROS - A Bird Orbiting Planet Earth, at Amazon.com, including all phases of the project, full of illustrations and a brief history of space satellites, laboratories and stations. The music present in the exhibitions and in the movie of KAIROS is the concert SETI, composed in 2002, which exclusively uses extraterrestrial sounds.

holotopia academy

streaming museum


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debate - lecture (Portuguese)

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SETI music concert


lecture at conscious reframed 12


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