V O Y A G E R 
world première . music

emanuel dimas de melo pimenta
phill niblock, curator

2014 . December 14 . 9 pm
Experimental Intermedia Foundation
224 Centre Street at Grand
Third Floor
New York 10013
212 4315127


100 years with René Berger

41 years  of EIF performances at 224 Centre Street
46 years of Experimental Intermedia Foundation
46 years of EIF Centre Street Loft
21 years of the EIF festival

total of 254 years...

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Voyager 66 music score

Voyager 66 = trip + Route 66 * romantic reference - 66 streets, New York City, Voyager's trip - space probe - sounds out from the Solar System + sounds of a 1977 planet Earth - collected by Carl Sagan - inside the probe, now about 20 billion km from Earth - sounds from 37 years ago - a cabalistic number!

Also a trip inside each one of us - the concert includes the sounds of the audience - it is a party! A celebration! Like life. Your sound - voice, movements, words, silence, glasses... everything - inside outside - starting when you arrive, ending when you go to sleep - in another dimension - what reminds us of Suzuki when he said: "The right art is purposeless, aimless". - in this way, Voyager 66 has no explanation - it simply is.










emanuel pimenta
phill niblock
experimental intermedia foundation
XI records


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The David & Silvia Teitelbaum Foundation
Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Phaedrus Foundation
New York State Council on the Arts

















































































































































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