L E O N A R D O i n l o c a r n o e m a n u e l d i m a s d e m e l o p i m e n t a c o n c e r t s e p t e m b e r 1 67 t o 2 3 | 2 0 0 7 opening september 17 . 10:00 Leonardo's drawing first 3d graphical work on Leonardo's drawing the virtual music score

The Italian historian Marino Viganò recently announced an astonishing discovery: the Swiss city of Locarno has the only extant building designed by Leonardo da Vinci. The city invited the composer Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta to create a new concert to celebrate the 500 years of Leonardo's architectural project. Pimenta based his new piece on Leonardo's drawings, which were transposed into virtual environments. The music will last for seven days and will be performed in the most unexpected places of the city. The audience is invited to take a walk and discover the different sounds. Participation is free and a map will orient the auditors through the spaces where the music is performed. The concert is made in association with ALCHIMARTE of Locarno and ASA Art and Technology of London.

see a film about the concert and the method of composition

virtual music score, digital images, composition: Emanuel Pimenta

edition: Laura Pimenta

lab and recording: ASA Art and Technology, London

see the images of the castle



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