emanuel dimas de melo pimenta    

What we call art is the critique of culture, not by its content but by its logical structure. It is the critique of thought. It is a critique, while process of understanding, which must be dynamically made by each person. When it happens in space, is architecture; in time, it is music; in images; it is visual art and so on. Each one of us is permanently built, all the time, by patterns of order. Differentiation patterns. These patterns are in everything we are - in the order of these words, in the space of our homes, our cities; in the music we listen in our cars... All these "environments" are us - they continually build up our thinking, our synaptic complexes, as a kind of dynamic cognitive meta-maps. When we operate elements of discontinuation of those complexes, we make our critique - because only difference produces consciousness. Lighting. Discovery.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta


More than thirty years ago, in late 1970s, Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta started working on visual arts, music, architecture, intermedia systems, photography and urbanism. The result of each one of his areas of research is present as works in major museums, foundations and art collections in several countries. Emanuel Pimenta works the structure of thought, involving virtual reality, theory of knowledge and neurosciences.

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