H  I  D  D  E  N     B  E  I  N  G  S
s    e    n    s    o    r    i    a    l       p    a    t    h    s
e   m   a   n   u   e   l       d   i   m   a   s       d   e       m   e   l   o       p   i   m   e   n   t   a
l e c t u r e  |  m a r c h  1 7 .  2 0 0 7  |  1 4 : 4 5 
monte verita | ascona . locarno | switzerland


Monte Verita is a magical place in Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland, near Locarno. Since the 19th century it has been a meeting point for artists, scientists and philosophers like René Berger, Nan June Paik, Paul Klee, Hans Arp, Marcel Breuer, Walter Gropius, Moholy-Nagy, Mircea Eliade, Krishnamurti, Hermann Hesse, Max Weber, Martin Buber, James Joyce, El Lissitsky, Edgar Morin, Pierre Levy and many more.

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emanuel pimenta


A    L    C    H    I    M    I    A    R    T    E
the end of a belief - towards to an after-development era
directed by Dr. Giorgio Alberti


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