Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta
concept - method


To compose a musical piece requires a method.
This is my method of composition:

- No melody.

- No rhythm.

- No harmony.

- Method is essential. Only with it we are able to criticize our own work and ourselves.

- The composition must establish logical references not connected to the composer's intention. They can be natural or mathematical phenomena. Those structural references are a counterpoint with the language, also musical, projecting differential moments - logical traps - and, therefore, consciousness, enlightenment, because only difference produces consciousness.

- In sound, difference is fundamental - because only difference generates consciousness. But, on the other hand, only monotony, redundancy, provokes emotion.

- However concept is important, sound must be listened to be music, even if it is silence.

- Notation must be a logical trap.

- Computers or any other kind of sensorial extension or prosthesis are not devices to help composition or to substitute musical instruments. They are part of the composition itself while process and are new musical instruments.

- Music is participation. When a musical piece is written, it must count with the creativity of every musician and, if possible, also of the audience.

- Music is discovery. In the same way we never teach but only learn, we also are never perform just for the audience, but together with it.

- Each new composition must be a new invention - because it will always be a different moment in time, different people and, thus, a different environment.

- Music is result of its time, its historical time. But all people passed to pertain to all traditions, all times, not while content but yes being metabolism. East and West, North and South became our common heritage, from all times.

- Music, like art, must be a criticism of culture, not while content, but in its modus operandi.

- The composer must have always in mind that to elaborate a musical piece is to work on sensorial design. Sensorial design is to establish logical complexes, designing thought. Music is design of thought.

- Freedom is fundamental. Thus, any notation, of any kind, is only relative.

- Any sound can follow to any other.

- Unity in the composition is essential. The composer must be always attentive to the unity of the musical piece - unity is the essential element in communication.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, 1982