international abstract film exhibition
rome . italy . september 15 . 2011

as time goes by
movie and music concert by
emanuel dimas de melo pimenta
world premiere












emanuel dimas de melo pimenta

abstracta festival


This film is about time. Space is time. As Time Goes By is not an illustration about time - it is time elaboration. Divided into two movements, the film works on our neuronal systems of time construction. In this way, it is different for each person, being, in a last instance, the real image of each person. What the person is watching is what he or she is. It is a personal experience and, literally, an abstraction - especially if we have in mind Hegel's concept about. Both movements are dynamic aesthetic experiences, in the questioning of long and short term memories. The second movement uses more than twenty thousand images took from the history of a family in Europe over a time span of about twenty years. The first movement works on images made between Heathrow and the center of London - a trip between trips: walking, as Thoreau and Jean-Jacques Rousseau designed it. The metamorphosis present in the first movement deals with certain neuronal sectors; the second movement, articulating very short fractions of time, deals with other sectors in the brain. In both cases, each person has different timings of reaction and of cognition. Thus, As Time Goes By is a real history of someone, and it also is, in fact, the design of time of each one in the audience, in neuronal terms.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta