emanuel dimas de melo pimenta
visual art



In practically the entire site it is possible to find Emanuel Pimenta's visual artworks. He started working on visual art in 1973, on abstract painting and Zen aesthetics. Soon, in 1975 he started on electronic images, film and video art. In the beginning of 1980s he started researching and working on digital art. His architectural projects and music scores result in art pieces. His drawings received the most enthusiastic words from legendary art critics like René Berger. His concerts are famous not only because of the music, but also because of the large projection of his digital visual works, which later are produced as individual pieces. One of them, Kirkos - a Dialogue Between Marcel Duchamp and Josqin des Près, performed at the San Marcelino church, in 2004, in Naples, Italy, is a reflection on the twenty century through enigmatic images; Yarnam, which was performed in several countries, created in 2001 and dedicated to Ornette Coleman, works on Man Ray's works; or the photographic work representing Bosnia at the Bienalle of Venice in 2003, through the Sarajevo's contemporary art museum ARS AEVI, among several others. Every one of hhis works are historical moments. And each one of his visual works is a single piece or has very few copies - like in photography - never surpassing five copies. His collection is vast, with works present in important institutions in different countries. Bellow, a few examples of his work on visual art.

virtual scores
visual art

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