emanuel dimas de melo pimenta
some projects 1980-2008





Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta started his architectural career in the beginning of 1980s. At that time, he created the concept of virtual architecture.

In the first fifteen years as architect he divided his time between commercial projects, with small buildings and houses, and experimental ones.

Gradually he definitively moved to experimental projects and theoretical architecture. Now, he only accepts invitations and dedicates himself exclusively to the elaboration of new concepts and to project orientation, working in partnership with other studios in different countries.


This is a very partial list of his architectural projects. For the complete list please go to:




You can also find some historical films on his architectural works inside virtual reality at:

Projects 1988-1992: http://www.emanuelpimenta.net/films/archives/sap2.html

Projects 1980-1989:

2007 - The Capsule of Time Building, Trancoso, Portugal
2006-2008 - Time Design Museum, Trancoso, Portugal
2005 - Amores - Floating Megastructural Island, Lisbon, Portugal
2004 - Meyer Park Project, Lisbon, Portugal
2004 - Floating Cultural Center, Lake Maggiore, Switzerland
2002 - Cultural Center in the Mountains, Bolognano, Italy
2000 - Newtown inside a Megacity, Building Projects, São Paulo, Brazil
1999 - Video Center of Creativity, Praia, Cape Verde
1997 - ISIS Symmetry Building, Budapest, Hungary
1995 - The Machine of the Senses Building
1994 - Renault Project, Lisbon, Portugal
1993 (1980-2009) - Woiksed, the virtual planet
1993 - Science and Technology Nucleus, Torres Novas, Portugal
1992 - Pavilion Project, Lisbon, Portugal
1989 - Festival Center Project, Lisbon docks, Portugal
1989 - Experimental Project A+U Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
1988 - Study for a Building
1988 - Experimental Project A+U Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
1987 - Experimental Structures
1987 - The Bridge of the Future, Tokyo, Japan
1984 Megastructural Cultural Center - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1981 Megastructure Project - Lisbon exhibition