Biennale di Venezia
GGA Foundation
Palazzo Mora . Venice . Italy
  2016 | May 29 to November 27
emanuel dimas de melo pimenta
1980-2016 | more than thirty five years of architecture, neurosciences, cyberspace and virtual reality
in Time . Space . Existence

The mother art is architecture.
Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.
Frank Lloyd Wright


Virtual does not mean exclusively what is immaterial, what is potentially present. This is one of the meanings of the Latin word virtus, which also implies a sense of potentiality in the thing in itself.
Generally, we say that something is "virtually" possible when we mean that it is potentially possible. But, beyond that, something that is virtual brings in itself the immanent presence of many possibles, of the unexpected, of the surprise, of discovery.
Infinite no longer in the sense of the far away without end, of the unreachable distant, but yes of what does not end in itself.
This is the essential meaning of virtus, of potentiality.
Today, you can easily reach images of the frontiers of the Universe, virtually walk on Mars, or penetrate deeply into the atomic structure of matter using your small personal computer at home.
In this world, architecture design passed to can also be a scientific research, a work of art, a philosophical reflection, a book, a film, an installation - without ceasing to be architecture.
The role of identifying the various dimensions of the infinity became something characteristic of each one of us, like poetry.
In such shared transdimensional creative work we become aware of the logical structure of thought.
Architecture is time design. When we change the space fabric, we also change who we are.
Design of thought.
Since the beginning, in the early 1980s, I have had these principles as essential to my work. In 1980 I coined the concept of "virtual architecture" - a method to work with synthetic and integral virtual systems on architecture. In that same year, I started the elaboration of the first virtual planet in history, anticipating Second Life in more than twenty years. In 2000 I started working on space architecture.
In the design of thought, what I call "logical traps" has always been present - subversive elements at a logical level that unchains awareness. Only difference produces consciousness. In this way, architecture is transformed into enlightenment, permanent discovery, self-knowledge.
Such an approach leads, since the first moments, to a permanent research on Theory of Thought, on neurology - specially space-time cognition, and also on cyberspace and on logic.
In a clear sequence after Richard Buckminster Fuller and Paolo Soleri among some others, it is a process that generates a new architecture, in dynamic symbiosis producing a new sense of human scale.
One could call this an "experimental architecture" - but, not only it is to be built, as all architecture ought always be experimental, it should always take life as a powerful laboratory to discover the human space-time of the future. Because the future is now: a present in permanent metamorphosis.
As Bucky Fuller said: don't fight forces, use them.
No longer the architecture-shell, the architecture as decoration or illustration, or art as urban handicraft. But yes an architecture-thought, creative, discovery, infinite in itself.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta
Venezia, 2016
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 Emanuel Pimenta develops the space architecture design in partnership with the Fibrenamics, Nanotech Labs, and the Centre of Communication and Society Studies of the University of Minho, Portugal

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emanuel pimenta

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UIRA - Orbital Olympic Village

Biennale di Venezia
GAA Global Art Affairs Foundation
Time | Space | Existence

Palazzo Mora

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Kairos, modular orbital building, 2011, side view